Booklets / Zines

The Animal Liberation Primer

a (historical) guide to direct action and the animal liberation front

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Security Guidelines - Kleines Handbuch gegen Repression (2010)

Author: Antirep Kollektiv ALARM

Year: 2010

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Going Underground for Animal Liberation

Dokumentation eines Papiers von TierbefreierInnen in Großbritannien

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Beasts of Burden: Capitalism, Animals & Communism (Oct 1999)

Beasts of Burden was first published in October 1999. The aim of the anonymous pamphlet was to initiate a debate between animal liberationists and revolutionaries – anarchists and communists (the author uses the term ‘communist’ repeatedly and means communism in its original sense: a stateless and classless society where people live together and ‘the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all’).

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