Welcome to the Animal Liberation Archive

The project was launched in 2010 in Germany. It was formerly accessible at al-archive.lnxnt.org.
Its goal is to create a digital archive by collecting, preserving and providing access to (historical) texts of the animal liberation / animal rights movement. We want to preserve the movement’s history and provide activists with the ability to engage with texts and ideas, as well as reflect on and discuss (former) strategies, actions and theories.

We strongly encourage a critical reading of all texts as some documents are old and views / theories / points may be outdated.
The contents of the texts provided here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the people involved in the project.
We do not encourage criminal activities.

The Animal Liberation Archive (ALA) considers itself part of the emancipatory animal liberation / animal rights movement. We see the exploitation of non-human animals in a much wider frame of other forms / systems of exploitation and oppression.